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Herbacin. One of the oldest natural cosmetics brands in Germany

Made in Germany stands for quality and with good reason: Herbacin skin care products are researched, developed, and produced at family-owned production facilities and research labs in Wutha-Farnroda, in the heart of a nature reserve in beautiful Thuringia, Germany.

For more than one hundred years, only carefully selected natural ingredients from certified organic cultivation have been used in the manufacture of Herbacin products. The use of high quality plant extracts, dermatological testing and strict quality control are the company’s main concerns, thus ensuring that the consumer is confident in having chosen a safe and effective product.

By successfully combining tradition and state of the art innovation, Herbacin products are now available in many countries around the world, including Canada, where they were first introduced nearly 25 years ago and where they are appreciated from coast to coast.

Why you should care for your skin and how Herbacin can help you
protect it

Most people take their skin very much for granted; however, the importance of skin care should not be underestimated. Our hands, for instance, are the most exposed part of our body and they often look years older than the rest of the body.

Essential oils and herbal extracts contain naturally occurring compounds that harmoniously create valuable calming attributes. Camomile, for example, is known for its anti-inflammatory properties making it the perfect choice to relieve red, irritated and cracked skin; which is why Herbacin® has chosen to incorporate it in its line of natural skin care products.

Using Herbacin all year round can help to protect fragile skin. It is intensive therapy for dry skin!

Herbacin World